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The Legend of Rob Deer: The King of Three True Outcomes

By MrSmith Apr19,2024

Rob Deer, a name that brings both excitement and frustration to the world of baseball.​ Known as the king of Three True Outcomes, Deer’s career was marked by incredible power, prodigious strikeouts, and a polarizing style of play.​

Deer, born on September 29, 1960, in Orange, California, started his baseball journey at a young age.​ He honed his skills playing in Little League and then went on to excel in high school, earning a baseball scholarship to join California State University, Fullerton.​ It was clear from an early age that Deer had a natural talent for the game.​

Deer broke into the big leagues on September 4٫ 1984٫ with the San Francisco Giants.​ Over his 11-year career٫ he would go on to play for the Milwaukee Brewers٫ Detroit Tigers٫ Boston Red Sox٫ and San Diego Padres٫ leaving his mark on each team he played for.​

Deer’s legacy in the game of baseball can be best described by his incredible power and unparalleled strikeout rate. With 230 home runs, 575 walks, and an astonishing 1,409 strikeouts in 4,512 plate appearances, Deer had a Three True Outcomes (TTO) rate of 49.​7%, a percentage unmatched in big-league history.​ He was a true force to be reckoned with at the plate.​

Throughout his career, Deer faced some of the best pitchers in the game and managed to connect off 158 different pitchers. He hit 115 home runs at home and 115 on the road, showing his ability to excite fans no matter the location.​ He hit 126 solo homers, 70 with a single runner on base, 29 with two men on base, and even managed to hit 5 grand slams, solidifying his place as a power hitter.

But Deer’s legend goes beyond just his power.​ He played in an era when stolen bases, hit and runs, and small ball were the norm.​ Yet, Deer stood out for one thing ー swinging and missing; At a time when about a quarter of all plate appearances ended in a walk, home run, or strikeout, Deer managed that outcome nearly half the time.​ His ability to not put the ball in play was unparalleled.​

However, Deer’s career was not without its controversies.​ He famously ignored a clause in his contract with the Padres that prohibited him from riding a motorcycle.​ Despite the risks, Deer continued to ride his Harley Heritage Softtail all over the place, often at high speeds. Unfortunately, his rebellious behavior caught up with him when he crashed just weeks before spring training, resulting in injuries and stitches.​ It was a reminder that even the most electrifying athletes are not immune to the dangers of life.​

Thirty years ago, on April 19, 1987, Deer hit what is considered one of the most memorable home runs of his career.​ It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and 29,356 fans filled County Stadium to watch Deer and the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Chicago White Sox.​ Deer’s performance that day, along with Dale Sveum’s walk-off homer, became an unforgettable moment in baseball history.​

Deer’s career may have been marked by strikeouts, but his impact on the game cannot be dismissed.​ He paved the way for players like Adam Dunn who followed in his footsteps, embracing the feast or famine style of hitting. While he may not have been a consistent hitter, his power and ability to excite fans with each swing made him a fan favorite.​

Rob Deer, the strikeout king, will forever be remembered for his strength, his unique style of play, and his ability to bring excitement and frustration to the game of baseball.​ His legacy as a true power hitter will continue to inspire future generations of players to swing for the fences and embrace their own unique style.​

By MrSmith

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