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Remembering Earvin Johnson Sr.: A Remarkable Man and Loving Father

By MrSmith Mar17,2024

Earvin Johnson Sr.​‚ the beloved father of basketball legend Magic Johnson‚ passed away on Wednesday night at the age of 88.​ His death marks the end of a life that was characterized by hard work‚ sacrifice‚ and devotion to his family.​

Earvin Johnson Sr.​ was a man of humble beginnings.​ He worked as a garbage man and on an automobile assembly line to provide a better life for his children.​ Despite the challenges he faced‚ he instilled in his son‚ Magic Johnson‚ a strong work ethic that would serve him well both on and off the basketball court.

Magic Johnson often credits his father as his first hero and the person who shaped him into the man he is today.​ In an Instagram post last year‚ Magic expressed his gratitude to his father for teaching him the values of discipline‚ focus‚ attention to detail‚ drive‚ and passion.​

Earvin Johnson Sr.​ was born in Wesson‚ Mississippi in 1934.​ He moved to Lansing‚ Michigan‚ where he met his wife Christine‚ and together they raised a family of 12 children. Despite their limited financial means‚ the Johnsons created a happy and contented home for their children.​

Shortly after announcing his father’s passing‚ Magic Johnson revealed that the Johnson siblings had started a scholarship fund in their father’s honor.​ The Earvin Johnson Sr.​ Scholarship Fund aims to support minority students at Michigan State University‚ where Magic himself attended.​

Earvin Johnson Sr.​’s impact extended far beyond his immediate family.​ He was known for his strong work ethic‚ dedication‚ and kindness.​ His legacy will continue to inspire and uplift others for years to come.​

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the Johnson family during this difficult time. Earvin Johnson Sr.​ will be remembered as a remarkable man and a loving father.​


By MrSmith

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