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The Wives of Tony Parker: A Look into His Personal Life

By MrSmith Mar3,2024
The Wives of Tony Parker: A Look into His Personal Life

Tony Parker, the former San Antonio Spurs guard and future Hall-of-Famer, has had an interesting personal life throughout his NBA career.​ Many people are curious about the women who have been a part of his life, especially his wives.​ In this article, we will explore the wives of Tony Parker and the significant relationships he has had.​

Eva Longoria

One of the most well-known relationships of Tony Parker was his marriage to actress Eva Longoria. The couple first met in November 2004 and officially confirmed their relationship in August 2005.​ They got married in a civil service on July 6, 2007, in Paris and had a grand Roman Catholic ceremony the following day. However, their marriage was short-lived, and Longoria filed for divorce in November 2010.​

The divorce came after allegations of a sexting scandal involving Erin Barry, the wife of Tony Parker’s former teammate, Brent Barry. The scandal contributed to the end of Parker’s marriage to Longoria.​

Axelle Francine

After divorcing Eva Longoria, Tony Parker found love again with journalist Axelle Francine.​ They got married in a ceremony in San Antonio, Texas, in 2014.​ Together, they have two sons, Josh and Liam, born in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Parker and Francine’s relationship came into the public eye in March 2021 and had been a significant part of his personal life in recent years.​ However, in August 2020, Tony Parker announced via social media that he and Axelle Francine were ending their six-year marriage.​ The separation was guided by mutual respect and the well-being of their two sons.​

Alize Lim

Following his divorce from Axelle Francine, Tony Parker entered into a relationship with professional tennis player Alize Lim; They have been dating since 2021, but as of now, they have not exchanged vows or gotten married.​

Alize Lim is a professional tennis player who started her career in 2011.​ She has achieved a ranking as high as No.​ 148 on November 7, 2016.​ While Lim and Parker are not yet married, their relationship has been a topic of interest for fans and media.​


Tony Parker has had a colorful personal life, with Eva Longoria, Axelle Francine, and Alize Lim being significant figures in his romantic history.​ The relationships with these women have garnered attention throughout his NBA career, with his marriages to Longoria and Francine being particularly well-known. As Tony Parker moves forward in his life, fans and media will undoubtedly continue to be interested in his romantic endeavors.​

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