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Laura Quinn Hawk: A Talented Interior Designer and Supportive Wife

By MrSmith Mar1,2024
Laura Quinn Hawk: A Talented Interior Designer and Supportive Wife

Laura Quinn Hawk is an interior designer and the wife of former NFL linebacker, Aaron James Hawk․ She is known for her expertise in interior design and has made a name for herself in the industry․ With her own business, LCH Interior, she has worked on projects across the United States․ Born and raised in Dublin, Ohio, Laura has always had a passion for design and aesthetics․

While not much is known about Laura’s early life, it is known that she comes from a tight-knit family․ Her parents, Tyrone J․ Quinn and Robin D․ Quinn, have always been supportive of her endeavors․ Laura also has a younger brother, Brady Quinn, who is a retired NFL player․
Laura first met her future husband, Aaron James Hawk, during their time in college․ They started dating and eventually got married in 2007․ The couple has been together for over 14 years and has four children together․ Despite Aaron’s fame as a former football player and sports analyst, Laura has always maintained a sense of privacy and has focused on her own career as an interior designer․
Through her hard work and dedication to her craft, Laura has amassed a net worth of approximately $2 million․ Her success in the industry is a testament to her talent and creativity․ Alongside running her own business, she also manages her family life and supports her husband in his endeavors․

In conclusion, Laura Quinn Hawk is a talented interior designer and the wife of Aaron James Hawk․ Her passion for design and aesthetics has led her to create a successful career for herself․ With her private and low-key personality, she continues to impress with her work and support her husband’s endeavors in the world of sports․

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