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Joe Smith NBA Stats – Explore the Career of a Versatile Power Forward

By MrSmith Mar4,2024
Joe Smith NBA Stats – Explore the Career of a Versatile Power Forward

Joe Smith NBA Stats

Joe Smith‚ a power forward‚ had a successful career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) spanning 16 years.​ He played for a total of 12 teams‚ showcasing his versatility and talent throughout his career.​ Let’s delve into the detailed statistics of Joe Smith’s NBA journey.​

Career Overview

    • Points per Game⁚ Joe Smith averaged 10.​9 points in his 16-year career.​
    • Rebounds per Game⁚ Smith boasted an average of 6.​4 rebounds per game.​

  • Assists per Game⁚ Smith contributed to the game with an average of 1.​0 assist per game.​
  • Field Goal Percentage⁚ Smith had an overall field goal percentage of 45.​5%.​

Game Log

In his 1‚030 regular-season games‚ Joe Smith showcased consistency and contributed to his team’s success.​ He had notable performances throughout his career‚ highlighting his skills and impact on the court.​

Playoff Performance

Joe Smith also participated in the NBA playoffs during his career.​ It is important to note that playoff performance is often considered an indicator of a player’s ability to shine in high-pressure situations.​ Unfortunately‚ specific playoff statistics for Joe Smith could not be retrieved in the available information.​

Legacy and Achievements

Although Joe Smith played for multiple teams‚ he left a lasting impact on the teams he represented. He was known for his solid scoring ability and rebounding skills.​ Furthermore‚ Smith’s contributions earned him recognition amongst his peers and fans alike.


Joe Smith’s NBA career spanned 16 years‚ during which he showcased his skills as a power forward.​ His statistical achievements in points‚ rebounds‚ and assists‚ along with his impact on various teams‚ established his reputation as a reliable and versatile player.​ Despite his journey with multiple teams‚ Smith’s contributions in the NBA will always be recognized and appreciated.​

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