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Garrett Riley: Carving His Own Path in College Football Coaching

By MrSmith Mar1,2024
Garrett Riley: Carving His Own Path in College Football Coaching

Garrett Riley‚ the younger brother of USC and former Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley‚ has been making waves in the world of college football.​ As the offensive coordinator at TCU‚ Garrett has led his team to impressive victories and has gained recognition for his coaching abilities;

Brothers in Football

Garrett and Lincoln Riley both share a passion for football.​ Their journeys in the sport began in a similar way‚ with their parents instilling in them the importance of high standards and hard work to achieve their goals. While Lincoln has made a name for himself as a successful head coach‚ Garrett has been making his mark as an offensive coordinator.​

A Career in Coaching

After his playing days‚ Garrett Riley started his coaching career by serving as a student assistant to Mike Leach at Texas Tech. He gradually progressed to become a graduate assistant and then a receivers coach.​ Following his time at Texas Tech‚ he spent five seasons as the offensive coordinator at East Carolina University under Ruffin McNeill.

Garrett’s coaching journey also included stints at SMU‚ Appalachian State‚ and Kansas.​ His dedication and expertise were recognized when he won the prestigious Broyles Award in 2022 as the nation’s top assistant coach while at TCU.​

Joining Clemson

Garrett Riley’s success caught the attention of Clemson‚ and he joined the Tigers as their offensive coordinator in January 2023. His arrival at Clemson brought high hopes for the team‚ as they aimed to reignite an offense that had struggled the previous season.​

Family Support

Garrett Riley’s supportive family has always been behind him throughout his coaching journey. His older brother Lincoln has been a mentor and an inspiration‚ and their shared love for football has helped them grow in their respective coaching roles.​

Continuing the Legacy

With his talent and dedication‚ Garrett Riley is on a path to make a name for himself as a successful coach‚ just like his older brother Lincoln.​ As he continues to build his career‚ Garrett’s impact on the teams he coaches will undoubtedly be felt.

So‚ while the headline may read ″Lincoln Riley’s Brother‚″ Garrett Riley is carving his own path and leaving his mark in the world of college football coaching.​

Garrett Riley – Clemson Tigers Official Athletics Site

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