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CeeDee Lamb’s Girlfriend, Crymson Rose, Sparks Controversy with Viral Video

By MrSmith Feb26,2024
CeeDee Lamb’s Girlfriend, Crymson Rose, Sparks Controversy with Viral Video

CeeDee Lamb and his girlfriend‚ Crymson Rose‚ have been making headlines recently.​ In a viral video during the NFL Draft‚ Rose grabbed Lamb’s phone while he was talking to the Dallas Cowboys.​ This incident caused quite a stir on social media‚ with many speculating about the nature of their relationship.
Crymson Rose‚ a 23-year-old American model‚ sportswoman‚ and social media star‚ has been dating CeeDee Lamb since their time together at the University of Oklahoma.​ Before her relationship with Lamb‚ Rose was in a relationship with NBA player Trae Young in high school.​

The video of Rose grabbing Lamb’s phone quickly went viral‚ garnering millions of views in just a few hours.​ However‚ Rose took to Twitter to explain the situation.​ She revealed that Lamb’s agent was FaceTiming him‚ and she was trying to answer the call for him.​ Despite her explanation‚ the incident sparked a wave of memes and reactions on social media.​

It is worth noting that Lamb and Rose are generally private about their relationship and do not frequently post about each other on social media.​ This has led to some speculation from fans about the status of their relationship.​ However‚ it appears that they are still together as of 2021.

CeeDee Lamb‚ a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys‚ signed a lucrative contract with the team.​ The contract includes a signing bonus‚ guaranteed money‚ and an average annual salary.​ Lamb’s success on the football field has made him one of the most talked-about players in the NFL.​

In conclusion‚ CeeDee Lamb’s girlfriend‚ Crymson Rose‚ gained attention after a viral video of her grabbing his phone during the NFL Draft.​ Despite the speculation‚ Rose explained that she was trying to answer a call from Lamb’s agent.​ The couple has been dating since their time at the University of Oklahoma and remains together as of 2021.​

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