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The Top 2024 Oscars Gowns That Made Us Squirm: Margot Robbie’s Corset, Emma Stone’s Ripped Dress, and Beyond

By MrSmith Mar11,2024
The Top 2024 Oscars Gowns That Made Us Squirm: Margot Robbie’s Corset, Emma Stone’s Ripped Dress, and Beyond

The 2024 Oscars brought out all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but some stars pushed the boundaries of fashion with their bold gowns. From Margot Robbie’s restrictive corset to Emma Stone’s ripped dress, the red carpet was filled with daring and uncomfortable fashion choices.

Margot Robbie, known for her impeccable style, shocked the audience with her corseted gown that left her visibly struggling to breathe. The tight garment accentuated her curves but also restricted her movement, making it difficult for her to walk and sit comfortably throughout the night. Despite the discomfort, Robbie managed to maintain her poise and elegance on the red carpet, proving that beauty truly knows no bounds.

Emma Stone, another fashion icon, turned heads with her ripped dress that showcased a daring amount of skin. The shredded fabric left little to the imagination, as Stone confidently flaunted her toned physique despite the chilly evening. While the ripped dress certainly made a statement, it also left Stone vulnerable to wardrobe malfunctions and the harsh criticism of fashion critics.

Other stars also made bold fashion choices that left them squirming in their seats. Kristen Stewart’s sheer gown revealed more than she bargained for, while Zendaya’s heavily beaded dress weighed her down and made it challenging for her to move gracefully. Despite the discomfort, these leading ladies proved that fashion is not always about comfort but about making a statement and expressing oneself through clothing.

While some may argue that beauty is pain, there is no denying the importance of feeling comfortable in one’s own skin – or gown. The stars at the 2024 Oscars may have pushed the boundaries of fashion, but at what cost? It begs the question: Is the pursuit of beauty worth sacrificing one’s comfort and well-being?

As the night came to a close and the stars shed their uncomfortable gowns, one thing was clear – true beauty comes from within, not from a restrictive corset or a ripped dress. It is important to remember that fashion should complement and enhance one’s natural beauty, rather than hinder it. Let’s hope that the stars of next year’s Oscars prioritize comfort and confidence over shock value and discomfort.

The 96th Academy Awards saw a fleet of A-listers descend onto the red carpet at the Los Angeles Dolby Theatre on Sunday night. 

With Hollywood’s biggest night also comes the opportunity for sartorial sorcery, and the star-studded guests at the Oscars did not disappoint. Historically, awards season has spurred on some of fashion’s most outrageous red carpet moments ever. 

WATCH: Fashion highlights from the Oscars 2024

At the Oscars in 2001, Icelandic singer Bjork graced the awards in a tulle swan dress and proceeded to ‘lay’ six eggs onto the carpet. In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence turned heads in a billowing Dior gown that was so heavy it caused her to trip up the stairs while picking up her award.

This year, there was no shortage of impossibly high heels, body-distorting corsets and fashion faux pas at the Oscars. From Emma Stone’s ripped Louis Vuitton gown to Margot Robbie’s breathtaking (literally) corseted bodysuit, see the most outrageous looks from the Academy Awards.

Emily Blunt’s structured Schiaparelli gown

Emily Blunt attends the 96th Annual Academy Awards© Mike Coppola

Oppenheimer star Emily Blunt opted for a gravity-defying Schiaparelli gown to honour her first Oscar nomination. 

Statuesque and standout, Emily’s corseted dress featured floating shoulders, a waist-cinching bodice and the outline of exposed underwear beaded onto the front.

Liza Koshy’s sky-high platforms

Liza Koshy attends the 96th Annual Academy Awards © John Shearer

Actress Liza Koshy’s sky-high platform heels appeared to be her downfall – literally – at the Oscars. Looking sublime in a scarlet off-the-shoulder Marchesa gown, the YouTube star suffered a nasty fall when her towering heels toppled beneath her.

Liza Koshy suffers a fall on the red carpet© FREDERIC J. BROWN

Like a true comedian, the raven-haired beauty laughed off the incident and quickly carried on as normal after her tumble – though that can’t have been painless!

“I’m joining a legendary group of women, like J.Law, who fell on the red carpet,” said Liza. 

Margot Robbie’s body-defining corset

Margot Robbie's body-defining corset© Daniele Venturelli

After several months of plastic fantastic dressing, Margot appeared to have finally broken her Barbie streak as she chose to wear an all-black strapless gown to the Oscars amid her Best Actress snub. 

Stepping out wearing one of her most-daring outfits to date, Margot later slipped into a show girl-inspired Thierry Mugler corset from the late French designer’s 90s archives. 

Beaded and jewelled, Margot’s golden bodysuit gave her an exaggerated silhouette and impossibly defined curves. 

Emma Stone’s super-tight peplum dress

Emma wears a stunning pale green Louis Vuitton gown© Mike Coppola

Even an Oscar-winning Best Actress suffers from wardrobe malfunctions. Emma Stone was a mint delight in a custom Louis Vuitton peplum gown, with corset detailing and a silhouette-hugging column skirt.

US actress Emma Stone holds the back of her dress as she accepts the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role© PATRICK T. FALLON

Just before her Best Actress speech, the super-tight number ripped at the back. 

“My dress is broken. I’m pretty sure it happened during ‘I’m Just Ken’,” the actress revealed.

Olivia Munn’s ‘stand up’ gown

Olivia Munn attends the 96th Annual Academy Awards on March 10, 2024 in Hollywood, California. © Arturo Holmes

X Men: Apocalypse star Oliva Munn admitted her custom Fendi column gown was a “standing up dress” when she shared a hilarious video en route to the Oscars. 

The fitted halterneck gown, which rippled down the actress’ silhouette like liquid metal, was so delicate she was unable to sit down during her journey. We wonder what she did inside the ceremony.

Florence Pugh’s beaded corset

Florence Pugh attends the 96th Annual Academy Awards © Mike Coppola

Gravity-defying shoulder straps appear to be a theme amongst the stars of Oppenheimer, as Florence Pugh twinned with co-star Emily Blunt in a metallic Del Core gown that boasted floating straps. 

Her fitted dress included a healthy dose of glittering crystals, a sheer corset bodice and petal-shaped hardware at the hips.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s delicate Dior gown

Anya Taylor-Joy attends the 96th Annual Academy Awards© Mike Coppola

The actress paid homage to Dior’s 1949 Junon design with this intricate look that took 3,500 hours of embroidery work to come together.

The Top 2024 Oscars Gowns That Made Us Squirm: Margot Robbie's Corset, Emma Stone's Ripped Dress, and Beyond© Doug Peters – PA Images

With a dress that delicate, we can’t imagine Anya Taylor-Joy would want to do much dancing in it – which is probably why she slipped into a far more moveable black mini dress for the Vanity Fair After Party.

Cynthia Erivo’s vampy leather dress

Cynthia Erivo attends the 96th Annual Academy Awards on March 10, 2024 in Hollywood, California. © Jeff Kravitz

Did Cynthia Erivo just make a nod to her green counterpart in the upcoming Wicked movie? 

Looking like a leading lady in a rippling, ruffled leather dress designed by Louis Vuitton, the EGOT winner took a major risk on the Oscars red carpet wearing a fabric as unforgiving as leather. Nevertheless, she pulled it off like a sartorial pro.

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