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Tony Hale Admits to Deceiving His Daughter About Beyonce Super Bowl Commercial

By MrSmith Feb14,2024
Tony Hale Admits to Deceiving His Daughter About Beyonce Super Bowl Commercial

Tony Hale Admits to Deceiving His Daughter. Tony Hale shared that he had to keep his 2024 Super Bowl commercial with Beyoncé a secret, even from his 17-year-old daughter, Loy Ann. He talked to Variety about the Verizon ad on Monday, February 12 and how difficult it was to not tell his daughter about it.

He and his wife, Martel Thompson, who worked with him on the commercial, had to pretend it was an industrial project for a tech company when Loy Ann asked them about it.

The 2024 Super Bowl will feature big names like Kris Jenner, Jenna Ortega, and Kate McKinnon. The commercials presented during the big game often feature A-list talent, and companies pay significant amounts to have their ads air during the event. In the specific commercial in question, Hale acted as an assistant to Beyoncé and challenged her to break the internet.

Tony Hale Admits to Deceiving His Daughter
Tony Hale Admits to Deceiving His Daughter

After performing stunts like hosting a lemonade stand and launching herself into space, Beyoncé announced the release of two new singles and her upcoming eighth studio album. Hale also mentioned that he and his daughter had seen Beyoncé’s Renaissance film and that she is a fan of her work, Beyonce Super Bowl Commercial.

Hale recounted how he got the gig quickly through his agent and how he was surprised to find out he would be appearing with Beyoncé. The actor had limited interaction with Beyoncé during the commercial, but he mentioned that this kind of dynamic was not new to him, as he often played quirky beta males behind women with more significant personalities in shows like Arrested Development and Veep.

Hale segued into a story about his daughter guessing that Beyoncé was involved in the commercial after seeing a teaser, based on the fact that the teaser involved lemons, prompting his daughter to imply Beyoncé’s involvement.


This article provides insights into the making of Tony Hale’s Super Bowl commercial with Beyoncé and how he had to keep it a secret from his daughter. It also discusses some of the unhinged moments of the 2024 Super Bowl and Beyoncé’s fashion evolution in relation to her appearances. The story closes with an additional mention of some deals and ads.

In summary, the article reveals details about Tony Hale’s experience working with Beyoncé on a Super Bowl commercial, as well as the secrecy he had to maintain about it. It also touches on the level of marketing and advertiser demand for celebrity endorsements during the Super Bowl and briefly covers some other unrelated topics.

If the article needs to be 800 words, additional content about Beyoncé’s career, Hale’s career, and other similar projects featuring Beyoncé or other celebrities could be provided.

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