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Sharon Osbourne Criticizes Kanye West for Sampling Ozzy Osbourne’s Music

By MrSmith Feb 10, 2024
Sharon Osbourne Criticizes Kanye West for Sampling Ozzy Osbourne’s Music

Sharon Osbourne is upset with Kanye West for using a sample from Ozzy Osbourne’s song “War Pigs.” She said that she and Ozzy sent a cease and desist to West. Sharon told TMZ that someone from West’s team reached out to her and Ozzy three weeks ago about using the song, but they denied the request due to West’s past antisemitic remarks. Ozzy also released a statement about the situation, saying he refused permission for the sample as a result of West’s antisemitic behavior. West had a release party in Chicago for his album Vultures on February 8, and the record was expected to drop the following day.

West has been receiving backlash for making antisemitic comments over the years. In October 2022, he tweeted an offensive message against Jewish individuals, leading to him getting banned from the platform and losing sponsorships. He has since made public apologies for his statements but has continued to make other disturbing remarks, including expressing admiration for Hitler and making false claims about Jewish individuals during a rant in December 2023.

Sharon Osbourne’s 800-word article could cover the full details of the disagreement between the Osbournes and West, along with an overview of West’s history of making antisemitic comments and losing sponsorships as a result. Apologies on West’s side could be summarized, as well as his most recent actions towards the Jewish community.

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