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Kylie Kelce Makes Exercise a Priority with ‘Mom Shutdown’ Walks for Fitness

By MrSmith Feb 9, 2024
Kylie Kelce Makes Exercise a Priority with ‘Mom Shutdown’ Walks for Fitness

Kylie Kelce, wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, is discussing how she prioritizes her own health while raising her three children.

Kylie Kelce Makes Exercise. She takes time for herself by going on long walks to clear her head and get some energy out without her children. Kylie also involves her daughters in exercise, making it part of their daily routine and setting a good example for them to be active. She and Jason have three daughters: Wyatt, Ellie, and Bennett. Jason Kelce, 36, plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kylie often supports him on game day at Lincoln Financial Field, where she enjoys snacks like Crabfries and braided pretzels on game day.

The couple are avid football fans, and they are set to attend the 2024 Super Bowl to cheer on Jason’s younger brother, Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Kylie is a huge Eagles fan but also supports the Chiefs, and she has attended their playoff games. While Kylie is a devoted fan, she makes sure her daughters are not overwhelmed by the crowds at games.

Additionally, Kylie ensures that her children are eating balanced meals. She finds it challenging to get toddlers to eat, as they can be picky, so she typically ends up making meals with pasta that the girls might eat. The couple’s life together was also shared with fans in Jason Kelce’s documentary which included Kylie’s thoughts. Their romance started on the dating app Tinder and they got married in April 2018 and now have three daughters.

Kylie Kelce Makes Exercise

To maintain good health, Kylie Kelce makes exercise and taking time for herself a priority. Despite her busy schedule, she makes it a point to go on long walks in the morning to clear her head and get some fresh air before caring for her daughters. In an interview, she emphasized how important exercise and activity are for her and her children, often going on long walks together to look for different items out in nature.

She makes exercise and activity a daily part of their lives, setting a good example for her daughters. Their life as a football family involves supporting her husband Jason at games and sharing their love for the sport. When it comes to game day snacks, Kylie shared her favorites and how she balances her love for salty food with a pop of chocolate. She also discussed their children’s nutrition, acknowledging the challenges of getting toddlers to eat, and making balanced meals, especially involving pasta, for the family.

Her involvement in the football life as well as managing the household showcases how she prioritizes both her own health and that of her family, while encouraging an active lifestyle for her daughters.

Overall summary:

Despite a busy schedule as a wife and mother, Kylie Kelce prioritizes her own health by taking time for herself every morning to go on long walks before taking care of her three daughters. She involves her children in exercise and sets a good example for them by making activity a part of their daily routine. As a football family, she supports her husband Jason Kelce at games and makes exercise and balanced meals a priority for the entire family. Her commitment to her health and that of her family, all while being a devoted football fan, highlights her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for her family.

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