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Zendaya Addresses Pregnancy Rumors on Instagram

By MrSmith Apr11,2024

Zendaya‚ 25‚ issued a rare statement on Instagram after being the subject of pregnancy rumors.​ The Euphoria actress was falsely accused of being pregnant with Tom Hollands baby by TikTok videos that featured a photoshopped pic of her with a baby bump and a meme of Kris Jenner.​ She called the prank funny and stupid and said she was mad at the creators.​

The latest pregnancy rumours surrounding the couple are just that‚ rumours; Zendaya is not pregnant.​ How did the rumours start? The recent fake news of Zendaya’s pregnancy began with a viral TikTok video that included a doctored post from Zendaya’s Instagram that featured an ultrasound image with the accompanying caption‚ ‘I love you.’

On that note‚ there is absolutely no truth to any of the Zendaya pregnancy claims.​ In fact‚ it seems like Zendaya just hinted that those rumors are indeed false.​ On her Instagram Story‚ she wrote‚ ‘See now‚ this is why I stay off Twitter‚’ followed by ‘Just making stuff up for no reason.​.​.weekly.​’

Addressing the Rumors

Zendaya is totally over the internet’s recent pregnancy rumors.​ On Wednesday‚ the Dune star seemingly addressed the swirling buzz that she’s pregnant with a post on her Instagram story that read⁚ ‘See now‚ this is why I stay off Twitter’.​.​.​ Although she didn’t specifically address the rumors‚ her hint seems quite direct.

Shomini Sen.​ Euphoria star Zendaya was recently in news for something not related to acting.​ #ZendayaPregnant was doing the rounds of Twitter recently which sparked curiosity among her fans on whether Zendaya was actually expecting her first child with her beau‚ actor Tom Holland. Some fans showed excitement at the new viral trend while others.​.​.​ not so much.​

Debunking the Rumors

It seems this is how the Zendaya pregnancy story went viral after a number of videos appeared featuring screenshots of her Instagram showing a sonogram‚ with Tom Holland tagged on it and another screenshot of an Insta story of someone having the sonogram done at a doctor’s office‚ with Zendaya being tagged in the caption..​.​

Zendaya reacted to pregnancy rumors on Instagram and in a Vogue interview‚ saying she respects her fans’ boundaries and privacy.​ She also shared her relationship with Tom Holland‚ who is very excited to be a dad one day.​ The Spider-Man star is dating the Euphoria star and has been since 2021.​

Zendaya and Tom Holland are not pregnant with each other’s child‚ according to Hitc.​com.​ The webpage debunks the baseless TikTok videos that claim to reveal Zendaya’s pregnancy and engagement in 2022‚ and explains the couple’s relationship history and status.​

Zendaya wrote on Instagram that she is not pregnant and that the rumors are just making stuff up for no reason.​ She also shared her romance with Tom Holland and her privacy.​ The couple have been dating since 2021 and have a sonogram image on TikTok.

Social media users pondered if Zendaya was pregnant earlier this week‚ and the subject truly shook the table.​ A TikToker recently uploaded a less-than-serious video of him reacting to supposed news about Zendaya announcing a pregnancy.

The Truth Revealed

If you think Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland’s baby‚ you’ve probably been ‘Krissed.​’ Zendaya attends the Time 100 Gala in New York on June 8.​ Zendaya has reluctantly but swiftly shut down the rumors that she is expecting a child with.​..​

Zendaya denies the pregnancy rumors about her and Tom Holland‚ the Spider-Man co-stars. She posts a fake TikTok of a fake pregnancy post and a reaction on Instagram.​ She also shares her excitement for filming ‘Challengers’.​

Zendaya only got pregnant to make me jealous tbh‚ was a theme repeated by several users.​ Sammerlammers tweet went viral when they repeated the statement but included a picture of a man sat in..​.​

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