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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Comments on Their Three Daughters’ Romantic Relationships

By MrSmith Feb 10, 2024
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Comments on Their Three Daughters’ Romantic Relationships

Country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been vocal about their love for their three daughters, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey, and have shared their thoughts on their love lives. The couple, who have been married for over 20 years, have been open about their parenting approach when it comes to their daughters’ relationships.

Tim McGraw has been quoted saying, “I think it’s important for them to set boundaries and for us to have some sort of understanding of this is your time to focus on yourself, this is your time to be yourself and be a kid and figure these things out and that will all fall into place later on.”

Faith Hill has also shared her thoughts on her daughters’ love lives, saying, “I always tell my girls, ‘It’s not just about being beautiful on the outside, it’s about being beautiful on the inside.’ That’s what I look for in people. It’s not just about being nice to others, it’s about being nice to yourself and I tell my girls that all the time.”

Both Tim and Faith have emphasized the importance of self-love and self-respect in relationships, and have expressed their desire for their daughters to focus on themselves before diving into serious romantic relationships.

In a world where young love and relationships are often glamorized, Tim and Faith’s approach to parenting their daughters is refreshing. They encourage their daughters to prioritize themselves and their personal growth before getting into serious commitments.

The couple’s advice to their daughters reflects their strong bond and commitment to each other, setting a positive example of a healthy relationship for their children. Their guidance on love and relationships is grounded in values of respect, self-worth, and personal growth.

Overall, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been supportive and loving parents to their three daughters and have offered valuable advice on navigating love and relationships. Their approach emphasizes the importance of self-love and personal growth, setting a positive example for their children and young fans alike.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s three daughters, Gracie, 26, Maggie, 25, and Audrey, 22, are all grown up.

The beloved country-singing couple, who wed in 1996, have already seen all three of the girls flock the nest and embark on their separate ventures, from acting to singing, and even work in public policy.

Moreover, not only have the pair witnessed their daughters pursue professional careers, but they’ve also been witness to their evolving dating lives, and have been candid about how they approach it.

During a joint appearance on The Ellen Show back in 2017, Faith confirmed that Tim was definitely “tough” when it came to their daughters’ dating prospects, and the lengths he previously went to to convey that.

Recalling a winter formal one of the girls had – and the limousine full of girls and boys that came to pick them up – Tim confessed: “I had a sledgehammer over my shoulder. But that was on purpose.”

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He explained: “Well look, you don’t want to be mean, but when someone’s taking your daughter somewhere, you want to induce a healthy amount of respect…” before cheekily quipping: “And fear.”

tim mcgraw faith hill and daughters© Getty
The couples’ daughters are already 26, 25 and 22

Faith agreed, and though she said she was initially “soft” on the whole dating situation, she then revealed: “After… when you go through it for the first time – for those of you who have daughters out there – all of a sudden I became this animal,” joking: “[I was like,] ‘Do it, take the sledgehammer.’ Whatever you have to do!”

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Since that interview aired, only Audrey is known to be in a relationship, with her older sisters Maggie and Gracie having previously alluded to being single in separate social media posts in 2023.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill attend the 52nd Academy Of Country Music Awards on April 2, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada© Getty
Tim and Faith tied the knot in 1996

Audrey recently confirmed she’s in a relationship with The Lincoln Lawyer actor Manuel García-Rulfo, who is 22 years her senior.

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Though she had previously hinted at their relationship with subtle posts on Instagram, she effectively declared him taken when she shared on January 21 a photo on Instagram of Manuel, in which he is looking head on at the camera standing in the middle of a dark street, illuminated by green-blue lighting.

View post on Instagram


Before then, the pair had hinted at their romance when they both shared near-identical photos of their time together in Germany, not long after they had also posted snaps of another trip to Mexico – where Manuel is originally from – as well.

Aside from his role in The Lincoln Lawyer, Manuel also starred alongside Tom Hanks in the 2022 film A Man Called Otto; the Oscar winner and his wife Rita Wilson are close friends of the McGraws.

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