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The Role of Anna Marie Kupp in Cooper Kupp’s Life

By MrSmith Mar21,2024
The Role of Anna Marie Kupp in Cooper Kupp’s Life

Anna Marie Kupp is the wife of Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp.​ The couple met in high school and continued their relationship throughout college.​ Anna has been a pillar of support for Cooper, both financially and emotionally, as he pursued his football career and education.​

Prior to her marriage, Anna was a track and field athlete and currently works as a public relations consultant.​ Despite her own professional pursuits, she has dedicated herself to supporting Cooper in his football career and their family life.​


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The couple got married in June 2015 and has since welcomed two children, Cooper Jameson and Cypress. They have built a loving family and strive to balance the demands of football and family life.​

In interviews, Cooper has spoken highly of Anna, referring to her as the ″absolute warrior″ of the family.​ He credits her support for helping him achieve his success on and off the field. The couple shares a strong bond based on their aligned goals and shared values.

Anna has also been open about her faith in Christ and the role it plays in their lives.​ She consistently expresses her gratitude for the blessings they have received as a family.​

The Kupps reside in Westlake Village, California during the season, and Wilsonville, Oregon during the offseason. Despite the demands of an NFL career, the couple remains committed to each other and their growing family.​

Overall, Anna Marie Kupp is an essential part of Cooper Kupp’s life, providing unwavering support as he continues to excel on and off the football field.​ Their love story and dedication to each other serve as an inspiration to many.

By MrSmith

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