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The Remarkable White Family: Dana White’s Journey from UFC CEO to Devoted Husband and Father

By MrSmith Apr25,2024

The name Dana White is synonymous with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). As the CEO and president of the UFC‚ Dana White has revolutionized the world of combat sports.​ But behind the scenes‚ he is also a dedicated family man.​ Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable White family.​

The Devoted Wife⁚ Anne White

Dana White married his high school sweetheart‚ Anne White‚ in 1996.​ Their love story started when they were just students‚ and it has been going strong ever since. Anne has always stayed out of the spotlight and away from social media‚ prioritizing their family’s privacy.​

The Talented Offspring

Dana and Anne have three children together‚ two sons‚ and a daughter‚ each with their own unique talents.

Dana White III

The eldest son‚ Dana White III‚ shares his father’s passion for athletics.​ He plays football for the University of San Diego‚ showcasing his skills on the field.​

Aidan White

Aidan White‚ the middle child‚ is a rising star in the realm of combat sports.​ He is an amateur boxer‚ trained in Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. In 2017‚ he made his debut victory against Andre LeClerc.​

Savannah White

Savannah White‚ the youngest daughter of Dana and Anne‚ pursues her academic endeavors. While she prefers to keep a low profile‚ her achievements are commendable.​

Despite their father’s high-profile career‚ the White children strive to carve their own paths in the world of sports and academics‚ supported by their loving parents.​

A Success Story

Dana White’s journey from a middle-class upbringing to becoming one of the most influential figures in combat sports is nothing short of inspirational.​ He‚ along with Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta‚ acquired the UFC for a mere $2 million in 2001.​ Their vision and determination turned it into a global phenomenon‚ culminating in the extraordinary $4 billion sale to Endeavor in 2016.​

Dana White’s entrepreneurial spirit‚ combined with his unwavering love for his family‚ has propelled him to great heights‚ both professionally and personally.​

A Life of Luxury

As a testament to his success‚ Dana White and his family reside in a stunning 6‚000-square-foot mansion located in the prestigious Tournament Hills area of Las Vegas. Their home is a reflection of the grandeur that their hard work and dedication have brought into their lives.​

In Conclusion

Dana White is not just an industry titan; he is also a loving husband and father.​ His remarkable family‚ consisting of his wife‚ Anne White‚ and their talented children‚ Dana III‚ Aidan‚ and Savannah‚ showcases the strength and support that drive the UFC’s leader; Together‚ they have embarked on an extraordinary journey‚ leaving an indelible mark on the world of combat sports.​

By MrSmith

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