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The Love Story of David Bakhtiari and Frankie Shebby: A Journey of Love, Success, and Perseverance

By MrSmith Mar30,2024

Welcome to the fascinating world of David Bakhtiari and his incredible wife‚ Frankie Shebby.​ This power couple has captured the hearts and minds of football fans and social media enthusiasts alike.​ Their love story is filled with passion‚ success‚ and a touch of glamour.​ Let’s dive into their remarkable journey together.​

The Early Years and Rise to Fame

David Bakhtiari‚ born on September 30‚ 1991‚ in San Mateo‚ California‚ grew up in a loving family alongside his three siblings.​ From a young age‚ he showed great promise in football‚ which led him to pursue his dreams at the University of Colorado.​

It was during his college years that David first met the love of his life‚ Frankie Shebby.​ Frankie‚ a former volleyball player and passionate entrepreneur‚ quickly captured David’s heart with her charm and determination.​

A Love That Withstood Challenges

David and Frankie’s relationship faced its fair share of trials and tribulations. Before finding each other‚ David was in a relationship with fellow volleyball player Kerra Lee Schroeder.​ However‚ fate had other plans‚ and David and Frankie eventually found their way to each other.​

The couple’s bond grew stronger as they supported each other through their respective careers. David‚ an offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers‚ achieved great success on the field.​ Frankie‚ on the other hand‚ pursued her entrepreneurial ventures‚ showcasing her talent as both a food blogger and model.​

A Perfect Family of Three

After years of love and companionship‚ David and Frankie took the next step in their journey together. On July 2‚ 2020‚ during a picturesque boat holiday‚ David proposed to Frankie‚ and she joyfully accepted.​ The couple announced their engagement to the world‚ showcasing their love and happiness.​

On March 5th‚ in an intimate outdoor ceremony near Santa Barbara‚ California‚ David and Frankie exchanged their vows and officially became husband and wife.​ It was a magical moment shared with close family and friends.​

But the story doesn’t end there.​ In June of the following year‚ David and Frankie announced that they were expecting their first child.​ On July 12‚ 2022‚ their beautiful baby girl‚ Felix Ann Bakhtiari‚ was born‚ bringing immense joy and fulfillment to the couple’s lives.

Building Legacies Beyond Sports

While David’s career in football has been nothing short of extraordinary‚ Frankie has also made a name for herself with her remarkable achievements.​ As a former volleyball player and social media influencer‚ she has successfully transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship.​

Frankie is the founder of Frankies Wreath Co.‚ where she showcases her creative talents in wreath design.​ Additionally‚ she continues to inspire others through her food blogging and modeling endeavors.​

A Journey Filled with Love and Success

The love story of David Bakhtiari and Frankie Shebby is a testament to the power of finding true love and pursuing dreams together.​ Their unwavering support for each other has allowed them to achieve remarkable success in their respective fields.​

As David continues to dominate on the football field‚ Frankie continues to innovate and inspire as an entrepreneur. Together‚ they raise their daughter Felix Ann Bakhtiari with love and dedication‚ creating a beautiful family dynamic.​

Their love story reminds us that true love knows no boundaries and can transcend the challenges that life throws our way.​ David and Frankie’s journey is a shining example of love‚ perseverance‚ and the pursuit of dreams.​

So‚ as you follow David Bakhtiari’s football career and Frankie Shebby’s entrepreneurial ventures‚ remember that behind their success lies a love story that is as captivating as it is inspiring.​

By MrSmith

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