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The Life and Career of Chantel Christie

By MrSmith Apr11,2024

Chantel Christie has made a name for herself as a well-known television personality‚ gaining fame through her appearances on the hit reality TV show Basketball Wives LA.​ With a large fan following and a strong presence on social media‚ Chantel has become recognized for her advocacy work for various causes.​ In this article‚ we will delve into the life and career of Chantel Christie.​

Early Life and Background

Chantel Christie was born in Seattle‚ Washington‚ on June 1‚ 1993.​ She is the daughter of Jackie Christie and Doug Christie‚ a former professional basketball player who played as a Shooting Guard for various NBA teams‚ including the LA Lakers‚ New York Knicks‚ Sacramento Kings‚ Orlando Magic‚ Dallas Mavericks‚ and Los Angeles Clippers.​ Chantel grew up in a basketball-oriented household‚ with her parents deeply involved in the world of sports.​

Chantel’s mother‚ Jackie Christie‚ is a well-known figure in the basketball world. She has been a fixture on the NBA scene for over 26 years and has appeared in various movies and TV shows.​ Jackie has also authored books and has her own eco-friendly clothing line.​

Chantel has one sibling named Douglas Christie Junior‚ born in 2001‚ and a half-sister named Takari Lee Christie‚ born on August 24‚ 1990.​ Takari is Jackie’s daughter from before she married Doug.​ Chantel’s paternal grandparents are John Malone and Norma Christie.​

Reality TV Career and Other Endeavors

Chantel Christie made her first appearance on reality TV in 2006‚ alongside her family‚ in the reality series ″The Christies⁚ Committed.​″ She continued to make appearances on various reality TV shows‚ including Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives⁚ Los Angeles.​ Chantel also appeared in a VH1 special‚ ″The Christies Committed‚″ which showcased her family’s dynamic.​

Aside from her reality TV career‚ Chantel is also a singer‚ songwriter‚ and author.​ At the age of 15‚ she authored and published a book titled ″I Want to Live⁚ A Teenager’s Guide to Finding Self Love.​″ The book addresses modern-day teenage issues related to life and health‚ such as dieting and exercising for social acceptance.​ Chantel promotes a path of finding self-love and advises against extreme measures.​

Additionally‚ Chantel Christie is known for her advocacy work.​ She is a youth ambassador for an HIV/AIDS awareness organization and a youth spokesperson for the Young Man Christians Association (YMCA).​

Personal Life and Relationships

Chantel Christie’s personal life has garnered attention from the media and her fans.​ In December 2016‚ she gave birth to a baby girl named Saniyah.​ The father of her child is Stacy Davis‚ a professional basketball player for the Cherkasy Monkeys.​ Stacy graduated from Pepperdine University in California in 2016.​

Chantel has had a strained relationship with her mother‚ Jackie Christie‚ which has been aired on-screen in the reality show Basketball Wives LA.​ The mother and daughter have been seen arguing‚ reflecting their complicated dynamic.​


Chantel Christie has established herself as a multifaceted television personality‚ gaining recognition through her appearances on Basketball Wives LA.​ With her beautiful voice‚ writing talent‚ and advocacy work‚ she has shown that she is more than just a reality TV star.​ Chantel continues to captivate audiences with her presence and is sure to make even greater contributions in the entertainment industry in the future.​

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