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The Journey of Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma: A Musical Collaboration and Rumored Relationship

By MrSmith Apr14,2024
The Journey of Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma: A Musical Collaboration and Rumored Relationship

Argentine rapper Nicki Nicole and Mexican singer Peso Pluma have captured the attention of music fans with their collaboration and rumored relationship.​ Here is a chronology of their journey together⁚

October 2022

Nicki Nicole showed her appreciation for Peso Pluma’s music on her Instagram stories‚ expressing her admiration for his single‚ ″Por Las Noches.​″ She recognized his talent and expressed her desire to collaborate.​

March 1‚ 2023

The artists released the remix of ″Por Las Noches‚″ marking their first collaboration together.​

June 18‚ 2023

Nicki Nicole joined Peso Pluma on stage during one of his concerts in Guadalajara‚ Mexico‚ sharing a special moment and expressing her love and admiration for him.​

July 11‚ 2023

The pair sparked relationship rumors when they were seen together at Disneyland‚ enjoying each other’s company.​

October 5‚ 2023

During the Billboard Latin Music Awards‚ Peso Pluma invited Nicki Nicole to join him on stage‚ where they performed ″Por Las Noches″ together‚ showcasing their chemistry and musical collaboration.​

October 11‚ 2023

In an interview‚ Nicki Nicole denied having a romantic relationship with Peso Pluma‚ stating that they were good friends who were getting to know each other.​

November 2‚ 2023

During a tour stop in Mexico City‚ Peso Pluma publicly confirmed their relationship by giving Nicki Nicole a sweet kiss on stage while performing ″Por Las Noches.″

November 16‚ 2023

The duo made their first official public appearance as a couple on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy Awards in Seville‚ Spain.​ They hinted at the possibility of more collaborations in the future.​

Despite the highs of their relationship‚ Nicki Nicole hinted at a breakup in February 2024‚ posting a message on social media about the importance of respect in relationships.​ Rumors swirled after Peso Pluma was seen with another woman in Las Vegas.​ However‚ neither artist has officially confirmed the end of their relationship.​

Throughout their journey‚ Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma have captivated fans with their musical talents and their passionate relationship.​ While the status of their romance remains uncertain‚ their collaborations and public appearances have left a mark on the Latin music scene.​

By MrSmith

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