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The Family Life of Robert Griffin III

By MrSmith Mar29,2024

Robert Lee Griffin III, known as RGIII, is an American former football quarterback who played in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons.​ He gained fame during his college football career at Baylor University, where he won the Heisman Trophy as a senior.​ Griffin was selected second overall by the Washington Redskins in the 2012 NFL draft.​

Grete Griffin, formerly known as Grete Šadeiko, is the spouse of Robert Griffin III.​ She was born in Estonia and is an Estonian-born heptathlete. Grete excelled in track and field, competing in a seven-leg series of running events, including the 200-meter sprint, 800-meter race, and 100-meter hurdles.​

Robert and Grete Griffin have been married since 2018.​ They have two daughters together, Gloria and Gameya.​ The couple announced the birth of Gameya on Instagram in September 2019, expressing their joy and gratitude for their healthy baby girl.​

Prior to marrying Grete, Robert Griffin III was previously married to Rebecca Liddicoat, whom he met at Baylor University.​ The former couple had one daughter named Reese Ann. Robert and Rebecca finalized their divorce in 2016, with Rebecca being granted a settlement of $1.​1 million and full custody of their daughter.​

Robert and Grete Griffin’s relationship began around four years after his divorce from Rebecca.​ They started dating while Robert was finalizing his divorce.​ In May 2017, Grete graduated from Florida State University, and the couple got engaged shortly after.​

The Griffin family continues to grow, as they announced the upcoming arrival of their third child on social media.​ Their daughters Gloria, Gameya, and their unborn child are a source of joy and love for Robert and Grete.​

Robert Griffin III’s dedication and commitment to his family is evident in his actions.​ He has been known to prioritize his wife’s well-being and make sacrifices for their happiness.​ Grete has also expressed her gratitude for Robert’s love and care.

Robert Griffin III and Grete Griffin are a loving and growing family, navigating life together with love and support.​ They are cherished parents and partners, and their journey as a family continues to unfold.​

By MrSmith

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