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The Extraordinary Love Story of Caleb Plant and His Wife, Jordan Plant

By MrSmith Mar26,2024

When it comes to professional boxing, there are often stories that captivate the hearts of fans and leave a lasting impact.​ One such story is that of Caleb Plant and his wife, Jordan Plant.​ Their journey together is one of love, strength, and resilience.​

Caleb Plant, also known as ″Sweethands,″ rose to prominence in the boxing world with his precision punching style.​ He held the IBF super-middleweight title from 2019 to 2021, and he is ranked as one of the top super middleweights in the world.​ But behind his success lies a deeply personal story.​

Plant’s life was not always glamorous. He grew up in a small town called Ashland City in Tennessee, in a two-bedroom trailer.​ His parents, Richie Plant and his wife, faced many challenges, including his mother’s battle with substance abuse.​ Despite the hurdles, Plant persevered.​

Throughout his career, Plant has earned every penny through hard work.​ He worked odd jobs to support his family and faced adversity early on.​ But his determination and passion for boxing never wavered.​

It was during this time that Plant met his now-wife, Jordan Hardy.​ Jordan, a Fox broadcaster and respected boxing reporter, understood the struggles and sacrifices that Plant had made in his journey to the top.​ They first met ringside at a boxing event, where Jordan was covering the fight.​ The connection was instant, and their love story began to unfold.​

In February 2019, after Plant’s victorious fight against Jose Uzcategui, he proposed to Jordan in front of a cheering crowd.​ Their love was celebrated later that year in a private closed-off wedding ceremony, solidifying their bond.​

But their journey together has not been without its share of heartbreak.​ Before meeting Jordan, Plant had a daughter named Alia Plant with a woman named Carman Jean Briscoe-Lee. Sadly, their daughter was diagnosed with a brain abnormality and faced many health challenges.​ Despite their best efforts, she passed away at a young age.​

The loss of their daughter deeply affected Plant, but it also fueled his determination to become a champion in her honor.​ He fulfilled his promise to his late daughter and became a world champion, dedicating his success to her memory.​

Today, Jordan stands beside Plant, supporting him in every aspect of his career.​ As a Fox broadcaster, she cheers him on, providing the strength and encouragement he needs during his fights. She understands the sacrifices and hardships he has faced, and their love and unwavering support for each other have become an integral part of their lives.

They have become a shining example of resilience and love, a testament to the power of unity in the face of adversity. Their story is a reminder that love can conquer all and that true strength lies in the support of a partner who understands and stands by your side through thick and thin.

The extraordinary love story of Caleb Plant and his wife, Jordan Plant, serves as an inspiration to all, both inside and outside the boxing ring.​ It reminds us that behind every champion, there is a loved one who plays a vital role in their success.​ Their story is a beautiful testament to the power of love, determination, and overcoming life’s hardships.​

By MrSmith

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