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The Career and Achievements of Danny Graves

By MrSmith Mar24,2024

Danny Graves‚ born on August 7‚ 1973‚ in Saigon‚ Vietnam‚ is a Vietnamese-American former Major League Baseball pitcher.​ He is known as the ″Baby-faced Assassin″ and has left a lasting impact on the game.​ Let’s take a closer look at Graves’ career and achievements.

Early Life and Career

Danny Graves was born on August 7‚ 1973‚ in Saigon‚ South Vietnam.​ His father was an American serviceman‚ and his mother was Vietnamese. Graves and his family emigrated to the United States just months before the fall of Saigon.​ He grew up in Florida and attended Brandon High School.​ Graves excelled in baseball and caught the attention of scouts with his talent.​

In 1994‚ Graves was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 4th round of the MLB June Amateur Draft.​ He began his professional career in the minor leagues and worked his way up to the major leagues.​ On July 13‚ 1996‚ Graves made his debut in the big leagues with the Cleveland Indians.​

Career Highlights

Graves is best known for his time with the Cincinnati Reds‚ where he played from 1997 to 2005.​ He was the team’s all-time leader in saves with 182 and games finished with 337. He was selected as an All-Star player in 2000 and 2004‚ showcasing his exceptional skills on the field.​

In 2004‚ Graves recorded 41 saves‚ which ranks him third in franchise history. Additionally‚ he had a brief stint as a starter in 2003‚ starting 26 games and even throwing a complete-game shutout against the Cardinals on May 14.​

Off the Field

Off the field‚ Graves was actively involved in the community‚ particularly during his time with the Reds.​ He hosted underprivileged children as part of his ″Gravys Train″ ticket program‚ showing his commitment to giving back.​

Graves is a family man and has four children.​ His sons Austin‚ Trey‚ and Jayden‚ as well as his daughter Shea‚ form an important part of his life.​

Honors and Recognition

In 2023‚ Graves was inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame.​ His 182 saves and status as the only Vietnamese-born player in MLB history were recognized by the Hall’s veterans committee.​ This honor solidifies Graves’ contributions to the sport and his legacy within the Reds organization.​


Danny Graves’ career in Major League Baseball is a testament to his talent and dedication to the game.​ As the all-time saves leader for the Cincinnati Reds and a two-time All-Star‚ he has left an indelible mark on the franchise and the sport.​ Graves’ journey from Vietnam to the United States and his success in the major leagues are inspiring‚ and his induction into the Reds Hall of Fame is a fitting tribute to his accomplishments.​

By MrSmith

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