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The All-Time Leader in NFL Interceptions: Paul Krause

By MrSmith Apr5,2024

When it comes to interceptions in NFL history, one name stands above the rest⁚ Paul Krause․ Krause holds the record for the most career interceptions, with an astounding 81 interceptions․ This achievement solidifies his position as the all-time leader in interceptions in the NFL․

Krause played for 16 seasons in the NFL, primarily for the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings․ Throughout his career, he showcased exceptional defensive skills, earning himself 10 Pro Bowl selections and 5 All-Pro honors․ Krause’s ability to read the game and make crucial interceptions played a significant role in his team’s success․

Although Krause holds the record for the most interceptions in NFL history, there have been other notable players who have made their mark in this category․ Emlen Tunnell ranks second on the list with 79 interceptions, followed by Rod Woodson with 71 interceptions․ Night Train Lane and Ken Riley complete the top five with 68 and 65 interceptions, respectively․

It is worth noting that interceptions are not solely limited to defensive players․ Ed Reed, a safety, stands out as one of the most successful NFL players in terms of interceptions․ Reed led the league in interceptions a record three times and holds the distinction of having the highest career interception return yardage․

Furthermore, it is interesting to examine the records for single-season interceptions, as well as the most interception return yards in NFL history․ The single-season interception record is held by Night Train Lane, who achieved an impressive 14 interceptions in 1952 while playing for the Los Angeles Rams as a rookie․ Ed Reed’s record-breaking career includes the most interception return yards, surpassing the legendary Rod Woodson․

In summary, Paul Krause’s 81 interceptions make him the leader in this category of NFL history․ However, numerous players have left their mark in the league with their exceptional interception skills․ The ability to anticipate and make interceptions is a valuable asset to any team’s defensive strategy, and these players have made significant contributions to their teams over the years․

By MrSmith

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