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Jeannie Mai’s Journey with Her First Husband: A Decade of Love and Differences

By MrSmith Mar10,2024

Jeannie Mai is a well-known television host, stylist, and makeup artist who has had a colorful love life.​ Before finding happiness with her current husband, rapper Jeezy, she was married to Freddy Harteis.​ This article delves into their relationship and sheds light on Jeannie Mai’s first husband.​

The Beginning of Their Love Story

Jeannie and Freddy Harteis exchanged vows on August 11, 2007, in what seemed to be a promising union.​ Their love story began on a ranch, as Freddy was born and raised on his father’s Colorado ranch.​ After finishing high school, he pursued his passion for ranching and even appeared in the reality TV show ″Hollywood Hunter,″ which showcased his daily life on the ranch alongside his wife, Jeannie.​

A Decade of Togetherness

Jeannie and Freddy enjoyed over ten years of marriage before their paths diverged.​ They became known as a power couple in the entertainment industry, with Jeannie hosting popular shows like ″The Real″ and Freddy gaining recognition as a reality TV star and film producer.​ Throughout their relationship, Jeannie always spoke highly of her ex-husband, dubbing him ″the best man I know.​″

The Issue of Children

One significant difference between Jeannie and Freddy was their perspective on having children.​ Before their marriage, Jeannie expressed her hesitation about starting a family, while Freddy had the desire to become a father.​ This discrepancy became a point of contention in their relationship, as Jeannie felt she couldn’t have a child solely to save their marriage.​

Eventually, the couple decided not to have children, as Jeannie stood firm in her belief that she could not bring a child into the world purely to satisfy someone else’s wishes.​ This divergence in desires likely contributed to the growing disconnect between them.​

The Beginning of the End

Sadly, their journey together came to an end in October 2017 when they announced their separation.​ Despite their divorce being finalized in December 2018, there was no animosity or scandal surrounding their split. Jeannie continued to speak fondly of Freddy, emphasizing that there was no betrayal or cheating during their time together.​

Moving Forward

After the divorce, Jeannie Mai was ready to explore new horizons and find love again.​ In 2018, she met the rapper Jeezy, and the two quickly hit it off.​ They began dating and eventually got engaged in April 2020. Jeannie was excited about starting a new chapter with Jeezy, and their love story soon became one for the books;

Jeannie and Jeezy welcomed their first child, a daughter named Monaco, in January 2022.​ Their love story continues to inspire many, showcasing that happiness can be found even after experiencing heartbreak.​


Jeannie Mai’s journey with her first husband, Freddy Harteis, highlights the complexities of love and the importance of aligning values.​ Despite their differences on the topic of children, Jeannie and Freddy had a decade-long marriage characterized by love, respect, and mutual admiration. While their paths eventually diverged, they both found happiness in new chapters of their lives.​ Jeannie Mai’s love story serves as a reminder that sometimes, even after the end of one chapter, a beautiful love story can unfold.​

By MrSmith

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