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How Old is Steve Harvey’s Wife?

By MrSmith Apr20,2024

How Old is Steve Harvey’s Wife?​

Marjorie Elaine Harvey‚ the current wife of television personality and show host Steve Harvey‚ was born on October 10‚ 1964․ As of today’s date‚ she is 59 years‚ 4 months‚ and 17 days old․

Marjorie first met Steve in 2005 when she attended one of his comedy shows․ They eventually got married on June 25‚ 2007․ Prior to her marriage to Steve‚ Marjorie was previously married to Jim Townsend and had two children with him‚ Morgan Hawthorne and Jason Harvey․ She also has a daughter named Lori Harvey from a previous relationship with Donnell Woods․

Despite a significant age difference of 9 years‚ with Steve being 64 years old‚ the couple has been happily married for over two decades․ They have a blended family‚ with Steve also being a father to twin daughters‚ Karli and Brandi‚ as well as a son named Broderick Steve Jr․ and Marjorie’s three children․

Marjorie is not only known for being Steve Harvey’s wife but also for her own achievements․ She is a fashion icon‚ a designer‚ a stylist‚ and an Instagram star․ Marjorie has appeared on various shows‚ including ″Extra‚″ ″Steve Harvey‚″ and ″Steve․″ She is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavors‚ co-founding The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation‚ a nonprofit organization focused on youth education․

Despite the challenges of a blended family‚ Steve and Marjorie have created a loving and supportive environment for their children․ Marjorie’s children from her previous marriages have been embraced as part of the family‚ and Steve even adopted all three of her children after their marriage․ They have built a successful and enduring marriage based on respect and love for each other․

In conclusion‚ Marjorie Elaine Harvey is currently 59 years old and is the loving wife of Steve Harvey․ Their marriage has lasted over two decades‚ and despite the age difference‚ they continue to support and care for each other and their blended family․

By MrSmith

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