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Gracie Hunt: A Rising Star in Equestrian Sports and Philanthropy

By MrSmith Mar8,2024

Gracie Hunt is a rising star in the world of equestrian sports and a prominent figure in philanthropy.​ She has garnered attention for her achievements in both arenas at a young age, and many people are curious about her background and age. In this article, we will delve into the details of Gracie Hunt’s age and her accomplishments thus far.​

Early Life and Background

Gracie Hunt was born on May 19, 1999, in Dallas, Texas.​ Growing up, she displayed an innate passion for sports and a competitive drive.​ She was introduced to the world of equestrian sports at a young age and quickly excelled in her chosen discipline.​

Aside from her athletic pursuits, Gracie also comes from a distinguished family background.​ She is the daughter of Clark and Tavia Hunt.​ Clark is the chairman and CEO of the National Football League’s (NFL) Kansas City Chiefs, while Tavia is actively involved in philanthropy and community service.​

Equestrian Career

Gracie Hunt’s equestrian journey began when she started horseback riding at the age of 7.​ She quickly developed a deep love for the sport and began competing in various events.​ Her dedication and natural talent propelled her to become a force to be reckoned with in the equestrian world.​

Gracie primarily competes in the Hunter and Jumper divisions, which require precision, skill, and a strong bond with the horse. She has achieved remarkable success, winning numerous competitions and receiving accolades for her exceptional riding ability.​

Her talent and perseverance have allowed her to compete at esteemed venues such as the Winter Equestrian Festival, where she has impressed both judges and spectators alike.​

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Gracie Hunt is not just known for her equestrian achievements; she is also deeply involved in philanthropy.​ At a young age, Gracie recognized the importance of giving back to the community and has made it her mission to make a positive impact on the lives of others.​

She is actively involved in various charitable organizations, including The Leukemia n Lymphoma Society and Special Olympics.​ Through her philanthropic endeavors, Gracie aims to raise awareness and funds for these organizations and the causes they support.

Gracie’s dedication and passion for philanthropy have led her to become a role model for young individuals looking to make a difference in the world.​


Gracie Hunt is an accomplished equestrian athlete and philanthropist with a bright future ahead of her.​ Despite her young age, she has proven herself to be a determined and talented individual in both her equestrian pursuits and her philanthropic endeavors.

Gracie’s dedication to her chosen sport and her commitment to giving back to the community serve as an inspiration to many.​ As she continues to grow and achieve success, it will be exciting to see the impact she makes in both the equestrian world and the philanthropic community.

By MrSmith

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