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Exciting Update from Family Estate Althorp Shared by Princess Diana’s Brother Charles Spencer

By MrSmith Feb 8, 2024
Exciting Update from Family Estate Althorp Shared by Princess Diana’s Brother Charles Spencer

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer recently shared an ‘exciting’ update from the family estate Althorp, offering a glimpse into the history and legacy of one of England’s most famous families.

Exciting Update from Family Estate Althorp Shared. In a post on social media, Spencer revealed that the estate had recorded its highest number of visitors in a single season, despite the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed his gratitude to all the visitors who had taken the time to explore the estate and learn about its rich history.

Althorp has been in the Spencer family for over 500 years, and it has become a popular tourist destination for those interested in British royalty and history. The estate is famous for its stunning gardens, historic architecture, and impressive art collection. It has also been the final resting place for Princess Diana since her tragic passing in 1997.

Spencer’s update and the increased interest in Althorp may be attributed to the recent surge in interest in Princess Diana and her legacy.

This year marked the 40th anniversary of her marriage to Prince Charles, and the release of several documentaries and specials focusing on her life and impact. In addition to sharing news about the estate’s success, Spencer also noted that Althorp would be participating in the National Garden Scheme, opening its grounds to visitors to raise money for various health and nursing charities. This demonstrates the estate’s commitment to giving back to the community and promoting the importance of preserving historical and cultural landmarks. Exciting Update from Family Estate Althorp Shared.

The ‘exciting’ update from Althorp serves as a reminder of Princess Diana’s enduring legacy and the ongoing interest in her life and contributions. It also showcases the dedication of the Spencer family to maintaining and sharing their historic estate with the public.

As visitors continue to flock to Althorp to learn about its history and connection to Princess Diana, it is clear that her impact and memory continue to resonate with people around the world. And thanks to the efforts of Charles Spencer and his family, Althorp remains a place where her legacy can be honored and celebrated for years to come.

Charles Spencer likes to give his social media followers updates about life on his family estate, Althorp, where he and his sister, the late Princess Diana, both grew up.

On Wednesday, he posted some news for fans about a new development on the spectacular grounds, which he was clearly delighted to share. Taking to X, the Earl showed an image of a Big Farmland Bird Count Record Sheet filled in by the conservation manager at Althorp.

The 59-year-old captioned it: “Bird count during a single hour, on a corner of @AlthorpHouse estate… Exciting to see such diversity & such good numbers.

Charles Spencer in a black suit at Prince Harry's wedding© Shutterstock
The Earl keeps his followers updated

“Particularly pleased to see the finches returning, now the estate is becoming organic.” Set in around 13,000 acres, the stately home is also where Princess Diana was laid to rest, following her tragic death in 1997. Exciting Update from Family Estate Althorp Shared.

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Charles’ post on social media

The late Princess of Wales was buried at the Oval Lake, which remains private and is only accessible by close members of the family.

Charles Spencer and Karen Spencer at Ascot© Max Mumby/Indigo
Charles with his wife Karen

Charles shared more wildlife news of the estate at the weekend, delighting his Instagram followers when he took to his Stories to share a video showing a rare glimpse of his resident peacock, Tim, running past with six of his children, a moment that the Earl branded “rare,” as you can see in the video below… 

WATCH: Charles Spencer shares incredible moment from family estate

Charles, is a doting father himself, dad to seven children, including his youngest, Charlotte Diana, whom he shares with his wife Karen, who has been chronicling the couple’s ongoing estate renovations on social media.

Charles Spencer showing tourists around Althorp in 1977© Getty
Charles showing tourists around Althorp in 1977

Sometimes, though, all it takes is a trick of the light to make the place look entirely different, as the historian and podcaster proved last month when he shared a “magical” new view of his home.

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The Earl shared a photo of the 500-year-old property, basked in a sunset pink glow, and the transformation was branded “magical” by fans. Charles penned in the caption: “Lit up last night @AlthorpHouse tickled pink”.

a view of Althorp House © Instagram
The stunning residence and part of the grounds

Earlier in the month, Charles revealed that he’d hosted an epic dinner party for one of his dearest friends, with the estate’s Picture Gallery serving as the backdrop. The long dining table was topped with a white tablecloth and dressed with several candelabras.

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted a large fireplace towards the back of the room, which boasts an array of gilt-framed paintings and portraits hung on the wood-panelled walls.

Aerial view of Althorp, this grade 1 listed stately home was the home of Lady Diana Spencer who later became the Princess of Wales, it is located on the Harlestone Road between the villages of Great Brington and Harlestone, 5 miles north west of Northampton. © Getty
Althorp House is located five miles north west of Northampton

Charles’ dinner party followed the news that the front lawn of his stately home had been flooded thanks to Storm Henk, which hit the UK earlier this month and wreaked chaos in vast areas of southern England.

Taking to Instagram, the bestselling author shared a photo of the flooded area, writing: “The wettest I’ve ever known Althorp to be. We’ve had so much rain that the lawn is saturated and the drains are choked. Looking forward to the promised dryer weather.

The flooded lawn at Althorp House© Instagram
The flooded lawn at Althorp House

“The house is on a slight rise, so will be spared flooding. A couple of hundred years ago, we had a moat – might be time to reinstate it…” Naturally, his followers were left concerned by the development, and commented with their well wishes for Charles and his family.

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