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Everything we know about Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes’ children, Sterling and Bronze

By MrSmith Feb 10, 2024
Everything we know about Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes’ children, Sterling and Bronze

Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée Brittany Matthews welcomed their two adorable children, Sterling and Bronze, into the world in 2021. As the children of two incredibly talented and successful individuals, Sterling and Bronze are already making waves in the sports and entertainment world.

Sterling Mahomes, the eldest of the two siblings, was born in February 2021. His arrival was eagerly anticipated by fans of the Mahomes family and the Kansas City Chiefs, where Patrick Mahomes is the star quarterback. Just a few months later, in September 2021, Bronze Mahomes made his debut, completing the family of four.

The Mahomes family keeps their personal life relatively private, but fans have been treated to glimpses of the adorable siblings on social media. Sterling and Bronze are often seen in the stands at Chiefs games, supporting their dad and soaking up the electric atmosphere of game day.

It’s clear that the Mahomes children are already being exposed to the excitement and energy of professional sports, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they both inherited their parents’ love for athletics.

Despite their young age, both Sterling and Bronze have already captured the hearts of fans with their charming personalities and cute appearances. They have become celebrities in their own right, with thousands of followers eagerly awaiting updates on their growth and milestones.

While their parents are well-known for their achievements in the sports world, Sterling and Bronze are already making a name for themselves as well. Their adorable antics and precious moments are adored by fans, who eagerly await any updates on the Mahomes children.

As they continue to grow, it’s clear that Sterling and Bronze Mahomes are destined for a bright future. Whether they follow in their parents’ footsteps in the sports world or blaze their own path, one thing is for certain – they have a supportive and loving family cheering them on every step of the way.

Patrick Mahomes is hoping for another Super Bowl win on Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers – and he’ll have his biggest supporters cheering him on. 

The Chiefs quarterback, 28, is a proud dad to two children, daughter Sterling, two, and son Bronze, one, he shares with his wife Brittany Mahomes, 28. 

patrick brittany mahomes with kids © Instagram
Patrick and Brittany Mahomes live in Kansas City, Missouri, with their kids

After his Super Bowl 2023 victory, Patrick was joined on the field by Brittany and Sterling, who looked adorable in a leather jacket with ‘Mahomes’ and her dad’s jersey number ’15’ on the back. 

Baby Bronze was only 10 weeks old at the time, and despite making the trip to Glendale, Arizona, he wasn’t pictured with his family on the field. However, now that he’s a bit older, he may very likely make an appearance at Sunday’s game too. 

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Patrick adores being a dad and admitted last year that having children has changed his outlook on life. “It gives you a different perspective,” he said on Good Morning America. 

“You enjoy every day so much more and having them, the years fly by and just try to do whatever I can to enjoy the little moments.” 

patrick mahomes brittany mahomes with children© Instagram
Patrick’s perspective on life changed when he became a dad

Following the birth of his first child, Sterling, Patrick confessed that taking on the responsibility of being a father was an adjustment. 

“I’ve grown a lot in my first few years in the NFL, and I’ve had to take on a lot of responsibility,” he told People in 2021. 

“But nothing’s like having a kid and having someone that you’re going every single day knowing that you’re trying to take care of.”

Meet Patrick and Brittany Mahomes’ children below… 

Sterling Skye Mahomes 

brittany mahomes holding daughter sterling© Getty Images
Sterling watched her dad win Super Bowl 2023

Patrick and Brittany’s daughter was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on February 20, 2021, meaning she will turn three years old this month. 

They shared the news of her arrival on Instagram with a photo of their newborn’s tiny hand clutching her dad’s finger and Brittany wearing a nameplate necklace that read ‘Sterling’. 

At first, Patrick and Brittany chose to keep Sterling’s face hidden in the social media posts. “Obviously at first we wanted to keep stuff private and not have her out there,” Patrick told Today in July 2021. 

sterling mahomes baby announcement© Instagram
Sterling Mahomes’ baby announcement

However, four months after her birth in June 2021, Sterling was properly unveiled on Instagram, with Patrick admitting it became a “burden” trying to hide her face all the time. 

“It almost became like a burden to try to hide her at all times when we do stuff, and this coming season we want her to be at the games and not have to worry about hiding her the entire time,” he explained. 

“We just want to give her the most normal life that she possibly can so she can grow and have friends and learn and get better and better every single day.”

patrick mahomes holding sterling © Getty Images
Patrick loves being a dad

Sterling is now a regular at the Chiefs football games, and even appeared in the Netflix series, Quarterback, alongside her mom and dad. 

Following her birth, Patrick gushed about becoming a dad, telling People: “It’s been a lot of fun and to be able to come home every single day and see her and how energized she is and how she’s changing and growing already.” 

He added: “I’m just trying to tell her to slow down so I can enjoy every minute of it.” 

patrick mahomes and daughter sterling afc championship 2023© Getty Images
Patrick is always cheered on by his daughter

The quarterback is embracing everything being a “girl dad” entails, and even admitted he’s trying to learn how to do his daughter’s hair should the occasion arise. 

He said: “I’ve tried to work with Brittany’s hair before and I’m not the best at it, but I’ll definitely do whatever I can as a dad — and as a girl dad — to learn how to do at least a couple things so if I’m ever put in a position where I’m the one taking care of her hair, I know a couple of tricks.” 

Despite being high school sweethearts, Patrick and Brittany didn’t marry until March 12, 2022 – and Sterling played the important role of flower girl in her parents’ wedding in Maui, Hawaii. 

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Wearing a white dress that boasted a huge bow on the back, Sterling made an adorable entrance, riding down the aisle in a tiny blue car. 

“Having your daughter apart of your wedding, just hits different,” Brittany wrote on Instagram. 

For her second birthday last year, the couple threw Sterling a ‘two-sweet’ party that featured a donut-themed playground with a set of slides and a ball pit, stuffed animals that resembled gummy worms, and two birthday cakes. Check out the video below.

WATCH: Inside Sterling Mahomes’ sweet-themed second birthday party

Sterling is also proving to be a ‘daddy’s girl’ and Brittany has shared sweet updates of her trying to copy her dad’s workouts in the gym. 

“If it’s one thing she loves to do, it’s watch her daddy,” Brittany wrote alongside a photo of Sterling holding tiny pink weights while her dad worked out in the background. 

Patrick ‘Bronze’ Lavon Mahomes III 

patrick and brittany mahomes son bronze© Instagram
Patrick and Brittany’s son Bronze will turn 2 in 2024

Patrick and Brittany’s second child, son Patrick ‘Bronze’ Lavon Mahomes III, was born on November 28, 2022, and will turn two this year. 

His birth announcement was accompanied by a photo of his little body as he slept on a cozy blanket emblazoned with the name ‘Mahomes’. 

In an Instagram Q&A last April, Brittany revealed that Bronze was conceived “on our wedding night” – but his birth wasn’t without complications. 

bronze mahomes birth announcement© Instagram
Bronze Mahomes’ birth announcement

“His cord was wrapped around his neck two times and thankfully didn’t affect anything,” she wrote. “He was fine.” 

In August 2023, Brittany and Patrick learned their son is “highly allergic” to peanuts after they had to rush him to the emergency room after a “scary” experience. 

“We took a very scary and frantic trip to the ER yesterday after finding out this guy is highly highly allergic to peanuts,” Brittany shared on Instagram alongside a photo of Bronze enjoying a bottle. “The scariest 30 min of my life,” she added. 

patrick mahomes kissing son bronze after nfl game© Getty Images
Bronze has started going to his dad’s games

Explaining the meaning behind his son’s name, Patrick said during a November 2022 press conference: “When me and Brittany had Sterling, we didn’t know if it was a girl or boy at first, so we started thinking of girl and boys’ names. 

“We wanted them to have that connection and them to be brother and sister forever. I’ve always wanted to do Patrick Lavon Mahomes III. I’ve thought about that since I was literally like 5 or 6 years old. I always thought it was going to be ‘Trey’ as a third.” 

As for his son’s nickname, Bronze, Patrick revealed it was his brother, Jackson, who came up with it. “He said, ‘What about Bronze? It fits perfectly with Sterling,’ so we went with that,” Patrick said.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes hold their children in their arms as they pose for pictures in front of palm trees and the ocean© Instagram
Patrick and Brittany’s children often feature on their social media

“It works out well. He can have his own thing now, where he’s not Patrick, he’s Bronze, even though he’s Patrick. Then, Sterling and Bronze can have that connection moving forward.” 

The couple’s children bonded immediately, with Brittany revealing shortly after Bronze’s birth that Sterling was “so good as a big sister”. 

“She loves her brother so much & has been just the best little helper!!” she penned on Instagram.

bronze and sterling mahomes hugging© Instagram
Bronze and Sterling Mahomes have an adorable bond

“I felt like so many people were trying to put this negative idea of how much she was gonna hate not being the only child into my head & it was kind of starting to upset me.” 

She added: “If you are a new mom, or about to become a mama of multiple kiddos, just know everyone’s story is different & don’t let other people’s ideas get to you!

“It’s your family & your own journey. It will all work out, stay positive and enjoy every second of it.”

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