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Erin Blaney: Racing Executive Making a Difference in Brain Injury Awareness

By MrSmith Mar14,2024

Erin Blaney, an accomplished individual in the racing industry, is an Executive Director at the Ryan Blaney Family Foundation․ Since assuming her role in 2019, Erin has been actively involved in raising awareness and funding for brain injuries, specifically concussions and Alzheimer’s disease․ With a strong background in public health education and promotion, Erin has made a significant impact in her field․

Early Life and Education

Erin Blaney was born on March 12, 1997, in the United States to racing legend Dave Blaney and his wife, Lisa․ She grew up in a family of racing enthusiasts, with her grandfather, Lou Blaney, having won an impressive 600 races throughout his career․ Erin studied at the University of Alabama, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Environmental Sciences․ During her time at the university from 2015 to 2019, she focused on Public Health Education and Promotion, with a minor in Advertising․

A Career Dedicated to Making a Difference

As the Executive Director of the Ryan Blaney Family Foundation, Erin Blaney has utilized her expertise to bring attention to brain injuries and advocate for those affected by them․ Her role involves researching other health services sites, creating presentations and documents comparing their site to competitors, and attending team meetings to collaborate on the foundation’s initiatives․

Personal Life and Connections in the Racing World

Erin Blaney has a deep connection to the racing community beyond her professional role․ Notably, she is in a relationship with NASCAR driver William Byron․ Her brother, Ryan Blaney, is also a prominent figure in the sport and is the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series champion․

Despite her involvement in the racing world, Erin prefers to keep her personal life private and away from the influence of social media․ While she has a significant following on Instagram, her account is locked, allowing her to maintain a sense of privacy․

A Philanthropic Lifestyle

Erin Blaney’s passion for public health extends beyond her professional work․ She actively volunteers and supports various causes, including being a Make-A-Wish volunteer in Alabama․ Through her philanthropic endeavors, she strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need․


Erin Blaney is a dedicated professional in the racing industry, using her position as Executive Director of the Ryan Blaney Family Foundation to raise awareness and funding for brain injuries․ With a strong educational background and a personal connection to the sport, she is making a meaningful impact on the community․ Her commitment to public health and philanthropy sets an inspiring example for others in the industry․

By MrSmith

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