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Dianne Buswell Reveals Significant Contrast with Boyfriend Joe Sugg in New Video, Sparking Mixed Reactions from Fans

By MrSmith Mar8,2024

Strictly Come Dancing’s Dianne Buswell has sparked a debate among fans after sharing a video detailing a major difference between her and her boyfriend, YouTuber and former Strictly contestant Joe Sugg.

In the video, which was posted on Dianne’s YouTube channel, the couple discussed the topic of sleeping habits and revealed that they have very different preferences when it comes to sharing a bed. Dianne admitted that she likes to sleep with the window open, even on cold nights, while Joe prefers to keep it closed.

The revelation prompted a mixed reaction from viewers, with some expressing surprise at the differing habits of the couple, while others were quick to defend their own preferences. Some fans even took to social media to share their own experiences and debate the pros and cons of sleeping with the window open.

While some viewers found the video amusing and relatable, others criticized the couple for making a seemingly trivial topic the subject of a video. Some accused them of “clickbaiting” their audience and questioned why such a mundane aspect of their relationship needed to be shared with the public.

Despite the controversy, many fans were quick to show their support for Dianne and Joe, praising them for their honesty and openness in discussing their relationship. Some viewers even commented that the couple’s differing habits made them more relatable and endearing.

Dianne and Joe have been dating since they met on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, and have since become one of the show’s most popular couples. They frequently share content on their social media channels, giving fans a glimpse into their everyday lives and relationship.

While the debate over their sleeping habits may continue among fans, one thing is clear – Dianne and Joe’s bond is as strong as ever, and their ability to laugh at their differences only serves to strengthen their relationship.

Professional dancer Dianne Buswell and her boyfriend Joe Sugg have been together since they were partnered on the 2018 series of Strictly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their differences. 

As the redheaded Australian demonstrated on Wednesday, they have very varied approaches to their morning routines, which you can see in the video below… 

WATCH: Dianne Buswell details big difference with boyfriend Joe Sugg

She captioned the short clip: “Me waking up vs Joe… What are you a Joe or a Dianne? Please tell me [you’re] more of a Dianne! even if it’s just to make me feel better [praying emoji], please and thank you…” 

After Dianne posed her question, her fans couldn’t agree, with one writing: “I am a Dianne! And at 3am every day,” while another commented: “I’m defo not as energetic as you [crying laughing emojis], love the effort you put into this!!” 

Dianne Buswell with her leg being held by Joe Sugg© Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock
Dianne and Joe fell in love after being paired on Strictly

A third commenter, on the other hand, chimed in: “This is so funny, I’m not really either of you I am just in a mood where anything will annoy me and make me angry [in the morning].” 

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Dianne has been very busy recently with the Strictly live tour, which came hot on the heels of the finale of the BBC dance show, where she was partnered with Bobby Brazier – her second time in the final after the year she danced with Joe. 

Dianne and Joe smiling © Instagram
Dianne shared that the couple have some differences

Despite her busy schedule, she took time out to relax with her boyfriend earlier in the year, and the pair even journeyed to her native Australia together to soak up some sun. In a sweet behind-the-scenes photo, she shared a couple moment which saw the flame-haired dancer lying on the sandy shore alongside her boyfriend of six years. 

The duo looked totally smitten, with YouTuber Joe, 32, reaching down to plant a kiss on Dianne’s head. For the romantic beach trip, Dianne, 34, dressed down in a coral top, large round sunglasses and gold drop earrings. 

Dianne Buswell standing with Joe Sugg© Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
The pair live together in Sussex

Joe, meanwhile, looked beach-ready wearing a pair of clear sunnies and a silver chain pendant. Elsewhere, Dianne uploaded several family pictures featuring her adorable niece Zofia and a breathtaking video of her loved ones basking in a golden sunset. 

“Losing our tans by the day [teary emoji] can’t believe it’s already been a week of being home [heart emoji] also my camera roll is mostly Joe and Zofia just being best buddies and it’s ever so cute” Dianne gushed in her caption. 

boyfriend kissing girlfriend on head © Instagram
The loved-up couple jetted off to Australia

Awestruck fans immediately flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts, with a handful of followers racing to heap praise on the pair’s relationship. 

Lovebirds Joe and Dianne took their relationship to the next level in the summer of 2023 when they exchanged their countryside bolthole for a gorgeous mansion in Sussex. 

Joe and Dianne cuddling on sofa© Instagram
The couple are so affectionate

While the couple adored their former country home, Joe admitted: “We loved the last place, but it was a project, it was a big project. We haven’t got the time to take on such a big project, so we found this place, we absolutely fell in love with it and now we are here.”

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