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Brian Ortega and Tracy Cortez: A Love Story in the Octagon

By MrSmith Mar28,2024

Love knows no boundaries, and for UFC fighter Brian Ortega, his love story with Tracy Cortez is a testament to that.​ The couple, who started dating in September 2020٫ has been through it all together٫ supporting each other both inside and outside the octagon.​

Tracy Cortez, a rising prospect in the UFC women’s flyweight division, caught Ortega’s attention with her impressive professional MMA record of 9-1. Despite training with the same coach as his then-rival٫ The Korean Zombie٫ Ortega couldn’t help but shoot his shot when he saw Cortez’s Instagram post.​ And it worked!

Their relationship blossomed, and soon, Tracy Cortez became an integral part of Ortega’s journey in the MMA rankings.​ In fact, Ortega even credited Cortez for her support during his championship bout at UFC 266.​

While the couple hasn’t confirmed any engagement news, Cortez’s recent teasing about a proposal on her social media has fueled speculation.​ Fans are eagerly waiting to see if wedding bells are on the horizon for the lovebirds.​

Tracy Cortez, like Ortega, is a talented mixed martial artist, competing in the UFC’s flyweight division.​ The couple often shares pictures of themselves training together and supporting each other’s fights. Their shared passion for the sport has undoubtedly brought them closer.​

As with any relationship, Ortega and Cortez have had their ups and downs.​ The couple faced a brief breakup in early 2023, leaving fans wondering about the reason behind their separation.​ However, they eventually reconciled and have been going strong ever since.​

Aside from their love for MMA, Ortega and Cortez share a Mexican background, adding another layer of connection to their relationship.​ Their heritage and cultural similarities have undoubtedly fostered a deeper bond between them.​

In July 2022, Cortez posted a picture of herself kissing Ortega, and eagle-eyed fans noticed a shiny ring on her finger. Speculation about an engagement quickly spread, with fans congratulating the couple on social media.​

While their engagement remains unconfirmed, one thing is certain ー Brian Ortega and Tracy Cortez’s love story is one that has captivated the hearts of UFC fans around the world.​ Whether they’re taking down opponents in the octagon or supporting each other’s dreams, their love and unity shine through.

As they continue their journey together, fans eagerly await the next chapter in their story ー a chapter that might just include wedding vows and a lifetime of love and happiness.​

By MrSmith

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