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Brad Holmes: From Public Relations Intern to General Manager of the Detroit Lions

By MrSmith Mar23,2024

Brad Holmes‚ born on July 29‚ 1979‚ is an American football executive who currently holds the position of Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Detroit Lions in the National Football League (NFL).​ With a remarkable career journey‚ Holmes has proven himself as a key figure in the team’s recent success.​

Early Career and Success with the Detroit Lions

Holmes began his NFL career as a public relations intern in 2003‚ showcasing his dedication and passion for the game; After 18 seasons with the St.​ Louis/Los Angeles Rams in various executive roles‚ Holmes joined the Detroit Lions in 2021‚ bringing his extensive experience and expertise to the team.​

During his tenure as the Lions’ general manager‚ Holmes has played a pivotal role in the team’s turnaround.​ Under his leadership‚ the Lions went from a 3-13-1 record to becoming a playoff contender with a 12-5 record.​ Holmes has been instrumental in drafting key players‚ including acquiring quarterback Jared Goff‚ and establishing himself as a draft expert.

Achievements and Recognition

Brad Holmes has received high praise from analysts‚ players‚ and colleagues for his remarkable contributions to the Detroit Lions. His eye for talent and ability to build a winning culture have been evident in the team’s performance.​

Holmes’ success has not gone unnoticed‚ as he has been recognized as a finalist for Offensive Rookie of the Year and a candidate for various other awards. His role in the team’s successful 2023 season led to him being honored by his peers‚ becoming the first Lions executive to win such an award since 1955.​

Holmes’ Vision for the Detroit Lions

With his passion for the game and dedication to serving the city of Detroit‚ Brad Holmes envisions a bright future for the Detroit Lions. He firmly believes that their postseason run in 2023 was not a fluke but a sign of things to come. Holmes aims to transform the Lions into contenders for the NFC North title and beyond.​

As the Lions’ top football executive‚ Holmes oversees the team’s operations and reports directly to the ownership. His strategic moves in free agency and the draft have been key in shaping the team’s roster and maximizing their chances for success.​


Brad Holmes’ journey from a public relations intern to the General Manager of the Detroit Lions is a testament to his passion‚ dedication‚ and expertise in the field of football.​ Under his leadership‚ the Lions have seen a remarkable turnaround‚ becoming a playoff contender and garnering recognition throughout the league.​

With his vision for the team’s future and his proven ability to evaluate talent and build a winning culture‚ Brad Holmes is poised to lead the Lions to even greater success in the coming seasons.​

By MrSmith

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