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Ashley Force Hood: Breaking Barriers and Leaving an Indelible Mark in Drag Racing

By MrSmith Apr10,2024

Ashley Force Hood is a name that resonates with the world of drag racing.​ As the daughter of 16-time NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car national champion, John Force, she inherited the passion and talent for the sport.​ Ashley made history as the first woman to win an NHRA Funny Car event in 2008, and her journey to success has been nothing short of inspiring.

A Remarkable Career

Born on November 29, 1982, in Yorba Linda, California, Ashley Force Hood began her racing career under the watchful eye of her father.​ She grew up witnessing her dad’s impressive achievements and had dreams of making her mark in motorsports.​

Force Hood made her NHRA debut in Top Alcohol Dragster before transitioning to Funny Car racing.​ In 2007, she became the first female driver to advance to a final round in Funny Car, and in 2008, she made history by becoming the first woman to win an NHRA Funny Car event, defeating her father in the final round at Atlanta Dragway.​

Throughout her career, Ashley won a total of five NHRA Funny Car races, including prestigious events such as the U.​S.​ Nationals.​ She retired from racing in 2011 to focus on her family and media business but left an indelible mark on the sport, breaking barriers for women and inspiring future generations.​

Ashley Force Hood⁚ Beyond Racing

Ashley’s contributions to the world of motorsports extend beyond her accomplishments on the track.​ She has played an active role in John Force Racing, Inc.​, the company that manages her father’s racing and entertainment business.​ In fact, she was named the Vice President of John Force Racing, Inc., overseeing both the entertainment and racing sides of the business.​

Furthermore, Ashley has ventured into the world of media.​ As the president of John Force Racing Entertainment, she has her production studio, John Force Entertainment.​ She regularly creates content for her fans, sharing her experiences, insights, and challenges in the world of racing.​

Ashley’s Journey⁚ Family and Personal Life

Family has always been an essential aspect of Ashley’s life.​ She is married to Daniel Hood, who works for John Force Racing, and the couple has two sons named Jacob John Hood and Noah William Hood.​

Throughout her career, Ashley received immense support from her family.​ Her father, John Force, and her mother, Laurie Force, have been instrumental in her success.​ Ashley’s sisters, Brittany Force and Courtney Force, are also accomplished drag racers, creating a true family legacy in the world of racing.


Ashley Force Hood’s contributions to the world of drag racing and motorsports, in general, are worthy of admiration.​ She shattered barriers, becoming the first woman to win an NHRA Funny Car event and leaving an indelible mark on the sport.​ Her journey, both on and off the track, serves as an inspiration to aspiring racers and highlights the importance of perseverance, dedication, and family support.​

By MrSmith

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