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Alix Earle’s Dating History: Who is She Currently Dating?

By MrSmith Mar19,2024

Who is Alix Earle dating?​

Oh, what a rollercoaster of emotions it has been for Alix Earle and her love life!​ If you’re curious about the current state of her romantic affairs, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into the world of Alix Earle’s dating history and find out who has captured her heart!​

First and foremost, let’s talk about her most recent beau; Alix is rumored to be dating Braxton Berrios, the star wide receiver of the Miami Dolphins.​ The evidence of their relationship started piling up, with sightings of them together and their red carpet debut at the ESPY Awards in July 2023.​ It seems that these two lovebirds are still going strong!​

But before Braxton, Alix had her fair share of romance.​ She previously dated Tyler Wade, a former New York Yankees player.​ The relationship between Alix and Tyler ended in December due to ″incompatibility″ and Tyler’s lack of social media acknowledgment of their relationship.​ But don’t fret, as Alix has moved on to a new chapter in her love life with Braxton.​

Now, let’s travel back in time and explore Alix Earle’s dating history.​ She has made quite a name for herself as a TikTok star and influencer, amassing millions of followers on her social media platforms.​ With such fame, it’s no wonder she has caught the attention of high-profile athletes!​

Alix’s romantic journey took a turn when she started dating MLB player Tyler Wade.​ They officially became a couple in September 2022 but unfortunately parted ways in December of the same year. Alix shared the news of their split in a TikTok live, revealing that they hadn’t been together for a while but chose to keep it private.​

Despite the breakup, Alix and Tyler remained on good terms.​ It’s always refreshing to see exes maintaining a healthy relationship, isn’t it?​

Now, let’s address the drama surrounding Alix and Braxton Berrios. Before they went public with their relationship, Sophia Culpo, Braxton’s ex, alleged that he cheated on her with Alix.​ Braxton addressed the situation on his Instagram Story, stating that their breakup had nothing to do with anyone else and that he wanted everyone to move on and be happy.​ It’s clear that the timeline of their split was a point of contention between the two parties, but they seem to have moved forward separately.​

With all this excitement in Alix Earle’s dating life, it’s no wonder her fans are eagerly following her every move.​ Social media have been buzzing with rumors and speculations, and Alix has certainly captured the attention and hearts of many.

So, there you have it!​ The current love of Alix Earle’s life is Braxton Berrios, the Miami Dolphins star.​ Their relationship has been the talk of the town, especially after their red carpet debut.​ While we may never know what the future holds for their romance, one thing is for sure – Alix Earle continues to captivate with her charm and influence in the world of social media.​

By MrSmith

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