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How Pat McGrath achieved the porcelain glass skin effect

By MrSmith Feb 5, 2024
How Pat McGrath achieved the porcelain glass skin effect

The trend of “porcelain glass skin” has taken the makeup world by storm in 2022. This trend, popularized in Korea and now gaining momentum in the West, focuses on achieving a complexion that looks smooth and clear like porcelain with a glass-like finish. Makeup artist Pat McGrath collaborated with Creative Director John Galliano to showcase this trend in the Maison Margiela Artisanal Collection 2024, using Kryolan Liquid Glass to create a hyper-shiny finish on the skin.

The porcelain glass skin makeup look involves bleaching the model’s brows and creating pencil-thin arches drawn on using neutral-toned shadows. Various painterly eye designs in jewel tones, pastels, and charcoals are featured, while a creamy blush is applied to the cheeks for a doll-like flush. Unconventional shades of red and black are used on the lips, topped with a clear gloss for a surreal pout. Overall, the makeup look aims to imitate the smooth and reflective quality of glass.

This trend differs from the porcelain glass skincare routine, which involves cleansing the face, using an exfoliator, and applying a hydrating serum or essence. McGrath’s technique involves a lot of makeup and the use of Kryolan Liquid Glass to achieve the hyper-shiny finish.

The Maison Margiela Artisanal Collection 2024 plays with silhouette, texture, and innovative couture techniques, while the makeup for the show takes a modern approach to the porcelain glass skin trend. The models’ incredible transformation is completed by the application of the hyper-shiny glaze, giving their skin a smooth and reflective quality.

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